Sunday, January 24, 2010

Still Waiting

I am still waiting for assignment to a local unit. Many candidates are in the process of being transferred into the Select Reserve. I finally got my verification letter from Liberty University stating I am enrolled, I was able to send in my RFO (request for orders) for CH-BOLC this summer. I spend a great deal of time completing applications. We recently went to Ft. Campbell so I could get my military id. On the way back home we stopped at the store to pick up some items. The lady at the register thanked me for what I do. I thanked her for her appreciation and we left the store. I told my wife as we walked out all I have done so far for the Army is paper work! It gave us a good laugh. It is good to see people so supportive of our military personnel. I do look forward to serving my country and most importantly serving God.