Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I have finally received my appointment paper. Once I am sworn in again I will move from chaplain candidate to chaplain. It has been about five years since I began this process of first starting Seminary, then entering as a chaplain candidate, and now being accepted by the Army as a chaplain. It is exciting. I am looking forward to getting reassigned to a new unit but I will miss the Soldiers I have worked with over the past year and a half at my current unit. I found out the former company commander at my unit has moved to another unit that I may be assigned to. That was good news to me. It is always good to see familiar faces when moving somewhere new. Plus he is a strong Christian that always attended chapel services.

Where things will go from here I do not know. Wherever God leads, I will follow. I have been preaching at my current church and was asked to fill in at another church this past weekend. Their pastor went to Haiti on a mission trip. Our church just had a team come back and they seemed so blessed by their experience down there. It is awesome when people step out on faith and follow the Lord.

My church had an ordination ceremony for me a while back. I have included a picture in this post from it. The Lord continues to bless me through my church. They have been a wonderful source of encouragement for my wife and I. They have prayed for us and loved us. We have many veterans at our church that continually support us and offer us words of encouragement. What a blessing they have been to my family.