Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I am going to try to start updating my blog more regular. I have a break from class and a little extra time now. Seminary starts back on the 17th. This is my last full semester for my master of divinity. Ninety hours is almost like getting a second bachelors rather than the typical thirty six hour master degree. If I decide to move forward and get my phd I will need to full ninety hour degree to be able to do this. Still not sure what the future has in store, I am open to where the Lord leads me. I am currently attached to an Military Police Brigade as a Chaplain Candidate. Once I graduate in May I will hopefully become a Chaplain and be assigned to a battalion. Then we will see where that leads. It has been challenging and fun being in the Army Reserves. Big change going from an all chaplain school to an actual unit. It is fun to meet the people and hear where all they have been and all they have witnessed. I wish I could stay at my current unit, the chaplain's assistant there is an outstanding person. We have a lot of good conversations.

It has been interesting to talk to old classmates from CH-BOLC. Some are already in Iraq. One just happened to take his Elvis costume with him. I saw a good picture on Facebook the other day. CH Fry is definitely one of the coolest, most entertaining chaplains you will ever meet. I continue to pray for all of our soldiers safe return.

CH-BOLC was a lot of fun and a lot of hard work. It seemed to last forever while I was there but looking back it flew by. I made some good friends there. Some I wish lived closer so we could still hang out. We stay in touch through text and facebook though.

I wanted to include some pics from CH-BOLC for those of you either about to go through school or those who are thinking about applying. When I was preparing to go to CH-BOLC (chaplain school) I looked at all kinds of blogs to get an idea what it may be like. You can see there were good times and hard work.

Did I mention that it was about 100 degrees everyday while getting to do all of these fun things! It was probably the hottest summer we have had in a few years. Nothing like crawling through a mixture of sand and water when it is 105 in the shade. I cannot complain though, it was nothing compared to the heat our Soldiers in Iraq have to endure.

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