Sunday, November 15, 2009

Oath of Office Ceremony

Well, the big day finally came. I was sworn in last night. I am now 2LT Jeff Grimes. I have to fax in my official papers, I am anxious to do this so I can find out where I will serve. It was a wonderful ceremony. I had so many people there to support me and phone calls from those who coudn't attend. My wife and I counted over 100 people there. Their support and prayers are greatly appreciated.

The service started with the presentation of the flags. The United States flag and the Christian flag. My cousin Ryan (more like my nephew) walked one flag in while Adam from church, who will enter the Navy next summer, walked in the other flag. Bro. Copass welcomed everyone and lead us in the pledge to both flags. He then shared some Scripture and history of the Army Chaplain Corps. We then showed a short Chaplain video. Leslie sang "How Beautiful," a song about service. CW4 Graves performed the Oath of Office.

My son Colin placed my new rank of 2LT on my chest. Natasha pinned on my cross and Mom and Dad put my bars on. The cross and bars on my uniform collar was not official, but for the ceremony it was right. My friend SFC Anderson gave me my first salute.

We showed another short inspirational video then Leslie sang "I Can Only Imagine." One of my favorite songs. Bro. Copass then presented me with some gifts from the church. We are blessed to have such a wonderful pastor and church.

I made the closing comments for the service. It was an experience that I cannot completely explain through words. I was glad this could take place at my church. I was able to have my family by my side, many friends, and my extended family at church. Thank you all for your support and prayers. I pray this experience will allow me to lead soldiers to the cross.

Our nations future! My sons Carson and Colin.

I am truly grateful for all of those people who helped to make this night so special. Many praised me for what I am doing, but I don't want anyone to forget who is truly doing this. This is the work of God and I pray through each thing I do He will receive the honor and the glory.

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