Thursday, April 22, 2010

Annual Training

I have AT next week at Fort Jackson. It has been interesting trying to get all the paperwork in order. There was a bit of a mishap with my email, I wasn't receiving all the important information regarding AT. My name was spelled wrong on the outgoing emails. Jeffery, should be Jeffrey. Two little letters have wreaked all kinds of havoc! I have been scrambling to get caught up on travel request, hotel arrangements, and tons of other things. God is keeping me on my toes.

It is just a week but I know it will be rough for Natasha. She has to get Colin, Carson, and Carter up each morning to get Colin to school. He is like me in the mornings, a BEAR! Once I get my coffee I am ok, he needs his juice and he is fine.

I am looking forward to meeting many of the Chaplain Candidates I will attend CH-BOLC with this summer at AT next week. I pray God will use each one of us to lift up those who serve our country.

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