Sunday, May 2, 2010

AT Fort Jackson

Made it through AT last week. I met some incredible people during the week. Many Chaplain Candidates came together last week at the 81st RSC for annual training. Sunday morning we had an APFT. Physical fitness has been lacking some in my life! The 2 mile run was rough but God pulled me through it. We had several class to prepare us as Army Chaplains. Suicide prevention was one of the main topics. Although there are more prevention resources than ever, suicides and suicide attempts continue to rise. I pray those considering taking their life will find comfort and strength in the Lord to overcome those feelings.

It was good to be able to go to Fort Jackson prior to CH-BOLC. I have an idea where everything is located now so I won't be so lost when I arrive this summer. Some of the guys have already been through CH-BOLC CIMT and Phase I and were able to offer some advice and guidance on what is to come. We picked their brains all week. CH Winter lead chapel service Sunday morning. It was a blessing to spend time in worship with the soldiers. I am looking forward to moving ahead and gaining more experience. Everyone there was very encouraging.

SRP was probably the worst part of the week. I got stuck by more needles than I can count. Had my blood pressure checked endless times. Had dental x-rays a couple of times. Checked my vision (still can't see that big E without my glasses or contacts)! Had the dentist working my teeth over while they checked my blood pressure (no wonder it was a little high)! By the time we finished at 1300 I was starving. 1LT Guzman took me to the Golden Coral for the buffet after SRP. That was the highlight of the day! Thanks Guzman!

I was glad to get home. I missed Natasha and the boys. It was a good experience and I met a lot of good guys and lady, I didn't forget you King! Although I am proud to be one of the 81st Wildcats I am looking forward to getting assigned to a local unit so I can begin my Army ministry.

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  1. CH Jeff,
    Your journey sounds similar to the one that I am trying to accomplish. I am completing my undergrad this summer, and have been accepted to Liberty to start classes online in August. I just need to take care of the ecclesiastical endorsement (any thoughts on who to go to for a non-denominational Christian church?)and "just" lose 50 pounds. It started at 80, so I am on my way down. I am hoping by next year I will be ready to go.

    Your story is a true encouragement, thank you for posting!

    In Christ,