Saturday, June 12, 2010


Well, I made it through week one of CIMT at CH-BOLC. For those of you preparing to come to Fort Jackson let me tell you, it is hotttttt here!!!! It hasn't been too bad so far. We had a lot of class time this week getting inprocessed. Received a lot of gear (TA 50) this week. Spent some time outside working on drill and ceremony. The asphalt gets really hot about lunch time. I spent my birthday here on Wednesday. A friend I have here that I met during AT with the 81st back in April took me out for my birthday. That was a good time. It is rough being away from Natasha and the boys, especially on my birthday. I am going to miss our churches 45th anniversary this Sunday, Happy Birthday Calvary! I am going to miss Father's Day and the baby dedication ceremony at church. I told Colin since he was the oldest son he would have to stand in there for me. I got him squared away with a new suit, he told me he wanted a bowtie but I didn't want him looking like Ducky on NCIS. I will miss the 4th of July holiday but hopefully Natasha and the boys will get to come down here to visit. I am missing out on a lot but I keep in mind those soldiers who are overseas. They will miss out on at least a year of their families lives. Before you go to sleep tonight ask God to bless those that serve our nation. They sacrifice so much and ask for so little. At least we can pray for them and their families.

Being my birthday week, I received some mail from home. Thank you all for the push ups!!! Just kidding, thank you to all who sent me a card. It was good to get mail from home. Only problem was CH Hart and SFC Rankins makes you drop and do push ups or mountain climbers before giving you your mail. It was worth it though! The class actually gave those of us who celebrated our birthdays this week a card for our birthday. I think it was about 5 of us this past week with birthdays. CH Hart asked me how old I was, I should have told him 4, I had to do 35 push ups in front of the class.

I have met some really good guys here this week. Had some good times and some rough times. I expect things to really pick up next week. We start a more hectic schedule and regular PT sessions. Hopefully it will make the time go by faster being busier. When I get weak and tired I look to God for strength and He is there for me. It won't be easy getting through class but I press forward remembering that all I do is for the glory of God.

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  1. I am praying for you each step of the way. I know it is difficult to be apart, but when I remember why, it makes it easier. I am so proud of you and the way you allow God to use you. I'm proud to be your wife. Drink lots of water, get some rest, and I promise not to send you any mail! I love you!